Redwood City Public Seismic Network Larry Cochrane's web site has loads of information for the amateur seismic scientist and engineer. You can download WinSDR and WinQuake software applications that are key recording and measuring earthquakes. He also has Analog to Digital Converter boards for sale that are used to interface between your seismometer and computer. The web site is full of other information and links.

Real-time data from Napa FBV Broadband Force-Balance Vertical Seismeter. This is David Nelson and Brett Norgren's web site with the latest seismic report. Contact Brett Nordgren to get added to their e-mail list. Brett has loads of design information such that you can build your own world class vertical seismometer.

AlabamaQuake, this is Steve Jones web site and reports the latest seismic report from Northern Alabama. Steve lots of information on the science of earthquakes and links to other web sites.

USGS Weeky Seminar, the Menlo Park California USGS office has a weekly seminar on various earthquake and seismic studies. The seminars are also available via video after the session. The content is at a high level and meant for the local USGS geologists and so some information may be over your head if you are not in this field. The seminars are open to the public. The seminars after the March 2011 Tôhoku earthquake were very interesting.